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Closed Circuit Television
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Protection of commercial premises
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Technological development of high speed
This is a phrase that represents the Technical Security Department of ATTICA FORCE.

Our technicians, headed by the Director of Technical Department, are informed daily on the global developments in science called the Electronic Security.

The ATTICA FREE FORCE undertakes to consider your place and suggest the most efficient layout of a modern security system.

Nowadays, every guarding needs to be supported by electronic cover.

Our technical services can meet even the most peculiar requirements. The cooperation of our technicians with our clients is necessary and it is based on secrecy and absolute confidence, since each technician is checked and follows all the safety codes set by our company.

Our experience and our collaboration with leading foreign firms, guarantee the safety of our clients.
  • Συστήματα Ασφαλείας
  • Security Systems
  • Fire safety Systems
  • CCTV
  • Control of Input - Output (Access Control) Recorders
  • Systems of Monitoring and Counter- monitoring
  • Metal Detectors
  • Perimetric Protection
  • Explosive and Drug Detection Systems
  • Intercom Systems
Our company in order to provide the ideal guarding for each client works with one of the biggest-making body which operates under the safeguards of European countries, PERSONAL SECURITY.
  • Burst signal and specifically what extent (zone) of the protected area originated.
  • End of the alarm signal
  • Arming and disarming the alarm system and by which user specifically happened
  • Signal of disarming the alarm which happened under threat
  • Signal of personal threat
  • Signal of medical assistance
  • Detection signal
  • Check of proper operation of the telephone line (TEST)
  • Restoration or rehabilitation signal after problem with the telephone line
  • Alarm signal when trying to find the code
  • Signal of exclusion of zones when arming the alarm
  • Exceeding the consumption of siren limit or disconnection of it
  • Problem or short-circuit of zone wire
  • Exceeding the consumption of auxiliary output limit (radar power)
  • Problem or power failure (220 V) and restoration
  • Check of battery condition of the system every 24 hours. Reduction of the battery voltage or disconnection and restoration or reconnection
  • Loss of actual hours of the central unit and reprogramming it
  • Send reports of the signals received by the station from the alarm system to the client inform the subscriber in case of not arming the system after the end of the operating hours
  • Detection in case of alarm disarming beyond the operating hours.
As soon as they receive the signal the operators take all necessary actions. Specifically in case of break-in:
  • They notify the Direct Action or the duty officer of the local police department, who informs the control station for the progress of the situation.
  • They inform the subscriber and the people who he has asked to be informed in order of priority.
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